Thursday, June 30, 2011

Who's Lookin' Hot Now?

Notice anything new?  Different?

My header image is FINALLY the same width as the blog itself.  After many hours of blood sweat and tears  several conversations via the Google Help forum, I received the golden ticket.  The code that would overwrite all others.  The holy grail of code.  And Bonjour Tristesse is the one to thank.  (Bonus:  a foreign film blog is right up my ally!)  So thank you from the bottom of my blog for making my site presentable to my readers (Hi, Dad!).

I couldn't have done it without you!!!

Go check out the blog that saved mine!

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

We're Goin' On a Bear Hunt!

Ok, not exactly, but we did go to the mountains for Memorial Day.  Instead of a 10 hour drive to Naples, FL, my father-in-law suggested we meet at a cabin in Blue Ridge, GA for the extended weekend stay.  This place was beautiful! 

We didn't see any bears, though.  I was a little disappointed.  Not gonna lie.

Engagement: Dana & Jeremy

Are you sure?! 

This was all I could think of when Dana asked me to shoot her engagement photos.  Was I psyched?  Of course!  Was I scared out of my mind?  Understatement of the year, my friend.

Thankfully, Dana and Jeremy are friends of ours and they gave me a shot.  That confidence boost.  And I am so grateful.  And honored.

They are such a sweet couple and I am so excited to see what life has in store for them.  Congratulations you two crazy lovebirds!

And my favorite of the day...

Can't wait for the wedding!

Playing At The Park

Here in Pensacola, it is H-O-T!  However, we brave the heat occasionally to take our little dude to the park to swing.  This boy LOVES to swing.  He cries when we have to leave.  It is pitiful.  Really.

Sometimes, he will actually venture onto the playground gym.

Makes me wanna sweat in the name of playtime today!

Backyard Buddies

My husband and son have so much fun playing outside together. You should hear the cackling that ensues - from both parties! It is such a joy to have that laughter in my life. I cherish every second!

Happy Hump Day!