Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Mt. Cheaha - Take 2

The cool mountain air. The restful sleep. The constant talk of our son (what? we couldn't help it!). We couldn't have asked for a better vacation than our trip to Cheaha State Park in April. We hiked, took pictures and just rested our souls. It felt marvelous.

I had hoped to show off a little of what I have learned since our first trip to Cheaha in 2009. Hopefully, these pictures will show at least a little improvement!

I am still working on formatting my posts so that there are multiple photos on one line. Be patient with me. :)

Happy Tuesday!

Monday, May 2, 2011

Just Another Day in the Country

Happy Monday everyone!

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Sweet Stella is One!

My best friends little girl, my niece, is 20 days younger than Canon. We celebrated her first birthday at their house with many family and friends. We had a blast seeing everyone. Paige made the cupcakes and smash cake and they were fabulous as always! By the way, that girl can tear up some smash cake!

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Pensacola Naval Air Station Museum

As an American, I stand in awe of those who fight for this country. I am amazed at their courage, humbled by their love of their country and its people and grateful to those who sacrifice so much for so little reward. I can never express my gratitude enough to these men and women and their families.

When my father-in-law and his girlfriend came to visit us for Canon's birthday, we took them to the NAS museum in town. Sure it is a great place to go to spend an afternoon in the a.c., but it never fails to move me beyond words. The stories in just that one 'little' space can and do define our country, our greatest asset, our service men and women.

God bless America!
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