Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Happy Memorial Day!

My husband and I just got back from Naples, FL where we were visiting my father-in-law and his girlfriend for Memorial Day. Let me tell is H-O-T down there!!! The kind of hot that is uncomfortable to sit outside or to exert any energy at all. Unless of course you are cruising on a boat. So of course, that is what we did.

We had a fantastic time just being together and "fishing". There were so many people on this tiny beach where we parked to fish that the biting was nonexistant! No worries. I was happy to take my camera with me the whole time.

I hope you enjoy these shots. I know there are a ton, but I couldn't decide which to add. I had already settled on these few compared to how many I took over the weekend. Sorry about that!

Any and all comments and criticisms are greatly appreciated!!!

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