Friday, July 1, 2011

Down By The Bay...

...where the watermelons grow...back to my home...I shall not go...for if I momma will say..."Did you ever see a bear, combing his hair, down by the bay...

Don't you remember singing that song to the top of your lungs as a kid?  Do you happen to remember your parents' eyes bugging out of their head because it is a never-ending song?!  Nah, I don't either.

Anyway, we ventured down to the bay in Fairhope one afternoon with my mom to relax and soak in the sun.  (That was my mom's intention only).   What we came home with was a pretty sick little boy.  He was acting very sleepy during the trip, but he had been running around and playing so much that we just figured he was tired.  Oh no.  He was running a high fever by the time we got home.  Poor baby.

Down by the bay, though, he didn't have a fever so we watched the ducks, played in the sand and slept in the sun / shade.  Overall, a very relaxing day.




And my favorite of the day:

...down by the bay...where the watermelons grow...back to my home...I shall not go...

It's stuck in your head now too, isn't it? 


  1. What a cutie! Sorry to hear he's not feeling well!

  2. Thank you Mary! No worries, he is definitely back to his old self now. Such a tough little dude.