Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Birthday Baby...

As I sit here thinking back on the year that we have had, I am awed. I am amazed. I am humbled by our many blessings. My son was born in February of 2010 and since then we have experienced more giggles, more smiles, more love that either of us could ever imagine.

He turned one last month. He was born, I blinked, and he was a year old. A walking, "talking", crazy little dude. He is everywhere - chasing cats and taking names. I can't even remember life without him, nor do I want to try.

Ok, ok. Enough sappiness. Let's get to the good stuff. Craig and I decided to celebrate Canon's birthday - get this - ON his birthday. Genius, I know. It fell on a weekday, which we kind of liked, because it gave us the chance to spend time with just him and introduce him to the 8th wonder of the world: a chocolate smash cake. Oh yes, we were that brave. Let me tell you, it was nothing short of side-splitting hilarity. We got it on video AND still shots. Here are few of the...well I was going to say "outtakes" but that would entail that something else was supposed to have taken place. It wasn't. This is EXACTLY how I envisioned it would be!

Ok, so the next two aren't exactly "award winning" photographs, but they are pretty funny!

I will continue the birthday festivities with his birthday party in the next post. Have a great weekend!

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