Monday, May 2, 2011

2010: A Dupuis Odyssey

Due to my complete and total inability to post every single day to my blog, I am making up for lost time today. Forgive the many posts. I do hope you enjoy them. (Yes, I actually DID just say that sentence in my head. With a British accent.)

2010 was a crazy year for my family. Some crazy highs and a few scary and sad lows. Over the next whoknowshowmany posts, I will share the year with you.

As you already know, Craig and I had our first child. His name is Canon and he is the center of our world. We really do have so much fun with him. He was born in February so our first holiday with him was Easter. We went to church and followed that with my very first crawfish boil (Canon's too but...DUH).

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